VIP Astrology is basically a place to post all these cool facts about Big Bang’s astrological signs! I’m starting with Zodiac facts but who knows! I may even post Eastern or Egyptian astrology facts too! If it’s a picture of the member, that fact pertains to them!

Astrology is a foundation but experiences and upbringing mainly make the man. So, I really just do it for fun. ^_^ If I’m wrong about something, or you want to tell me something, here’s my ask box! I’m human and I make mistakes. Since I’m doing this solely from personal knowledge gained from years of loving astrology I might mistakes so go ahead and tell me! Or even just be curious and ask about me! I’m so open to that. Anyway, have fun.

A quick FAQ:

Why do the members have posts about signs that they aren’t?

Well, they don’t! Each person has a sun sign, which is the one most people pay attention to (for example T.O.P. is a Scorpio) but each person also has a moon sign (Daesung is an Capricorn Moon) and a sign for each of the planets (Taeyang and G-Dragon’s Venus is in Cancer). It’s extensive, so people usually don’t have the time to examine it all case by case. But I only care about five people so it’s easy for me to post about all of it! They’re truly personalized posts to just the members of Big Bang. 

Why is there a Gemini post about Taeyang!? He’s a Taurus! / Why is there a Virgo post about G-Dragon!? He’s a Leo!

If Taeyang exhibits a Gemini trait, I’ll make a post about it and if G-Dragon exhibits a Virgo post I’ll post that as well. Taeyang’s born on a cusp, which means he’s born on the edge of his sign. People born on cusps, exhibit behaviors of two different signs. G-Dragon is the same way, a Leo with Virgo tendencies.

Why are there some posts with just Daesung or Taeyang on it when they’re both Taureans?

Dude, I don’t know. I’m lazy. But sometimes it is on purpose. They’re born in two different decantes, or parts of their sign, which does make a difference! While Taeyang is at the end of the sign and ruled by Saturn (Those in the third decante tend to be more outspoken about their stubbornness), Daesung is at the beginning and ruled by Venus (Most of these first decante Taureans are not as abrasive).

Can you tell me about someone not in Big Bang?

Not for real, I don’t have a lot of time. But I can give you info on their sun and moon sign. That doesn’t take a lot of time. Just ask me about them. If they’re in YG Entertainment, I can probably tell you a little bit more. I’m building a database about their astrological signs.